PM61W: Premium Reversing Camera Kit - 7" Dash Screen + Top Spec Sony CCD White Bracket Camera

PM61W: Premium Reversing Camera Kit - 7" Dash Screen + Top Spec Sony CCD White Bracket Camera

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Cable Length
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Easy-Fit Wiring

This is one of our latest models, where the monitor powers up the camera down an all in one cable.  This makes the system easy to fit and avoids canbus issues that may arise on normal systems due to taking power supplies for the camera from the reversing light.

Image Sensor for Camera

This particular system uses the white 1/3" Sony 960H 700TVL CCD image sensor bracket camera, one of our best selling cameras with a great day and night image. 

image sensor inside camera

Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel Camera Bracket

The camera has a stainless steel bracket, which is shown to last a very long time without corrosion unlike mild steel we have seen from most other retailers, which tends to rust in a matter of a few months.

stainless steel bracket for reversing camera


Monitor has Digital LCD Panel - Not Standard LCD

The monitor uses a Hi-Res digital panel screen with more than 3 times the amount of pixels of the standard analogue LCD screens most other retailers sell.   (Please note some sellers multiply the first number by 3 for RGB, if we were to do that it sounds even more impressive (2400x480).  We prefer to keep it simple but check carefully our competitors, the last number is normally better to go by as this is the number of vertical lines of pixels. 

System Suitability

Our systems work on either 12V or 24V, no switches it will adjust to the voltage automatically, this also protects the kit from any surges from the vehicle upto 32V, which is why we have such a good reliability record from these voltage protected kits.

Optional - Quick Release Bracket

We have an optional quick release bracket available for this monitor, you may select it in the options above.  This will lock in to the back of the monitor using it's mounting channel.  The piece will slide down and click on to the quick release bracket which stays on the dashboard.  When you wish to remove the monitor (for theft prevention) you can disconnect the monitor cable around a foot back from the monitor, then simply pull the trigger on the bracket which unlocks the monitor and slide upwards.  You can then remove the monitor from the vehicle or hide it.


2 Year Guarantee

We supply with a 2 year Guarantee with us, meaning we will repair or replace any non-user damaged parts that are deemed faulty.  Our failure rate is very low even beyond these two years, if you have a problem outside of 2 years we should still have compatible parts and possible repairs for reasonable amounts.

Parts Tested in the UK

The parts of this kit will have been tested twice, once by the factory and once by us.  We check all the items in the kit including all cables, trigger wires, IR leds and menu functions to reduce any chance of having a non working part.  Our fault rate is extremely low, and we just like to ensure that we avoid any imperfection slipping past.  This is why professional fitters love us.  


What cable length should I select?

Rough guide:

5M is good for a car

10M is good for a medium length van (around 6M)

12.5M is good for most vehicles up to around 8.5M long (covers most motorhomes except the super long)

15M is good for vehicles up to around 10/11M eg rigid lorry, small coach.

20M is good for super long vehicles

Trailer Link is ideal when you are placing the camera on a trailer

Optional Guidelines displayed when reverse selected

If you want to see the guidelines you can turn these on and off in the menu and even change the location of the guidelines and the numbers, plus change the display from ft to M.  The guidelines will only work on the reversing channel and when the trigger wire for this channel is active.  It won't bother you when driving forward and wanting to view the camera on all the time.

Technical Specs


7” Colour LCD screen
Audio Output: 0.5W
Loudspeaker: one 15x40mm round loudspeaker
Power supply: 12V/24V
Power Consumption: 4W Max
Digital Screen Resolution: 800 x3(RGB)x480
Contrast: 500:1
Brightness: 400cd/m2
Viewing Angle: U: 50 degrees/ D: 60 degrees, R/L: 70 degrees
Operating Temperature: -10C to +65C
Storage Temperature: -30C to +80C RH90%
2 Inputs
Mirror/Normal Switch on both channels
Full function Remote Control

7 inch rear view dash monitor dimensions


Image Device:1/3 SONY 811 CCD 960H 700TVL
TV System: PAL
Effective Pixels: 976*582
Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace
Sync. System: Internal
Resolution: 700 TV lines
Minimum Illumination:0 Lux (IR leds on)
Video Output:1.0vp-p,75Ohm
Gamma Consumption: 0.45
AGC: Auto
S/N Ratio: Better than 48dB
White Balance: Auto
Electronic Shutter: 1/50Sec-12.5μSec (PAL) / 1/60Sec-12μSec (NTSC)
BLC: Auto
Current Consumption:100mA
Waterproof to Ip68
18 Infra red LEDs to provide night view
Waterproof with adjustable shade to prevent glare from sun
Mirror image only
Stainless Steel Bracket (painted)

white reversing camera dimensions

Download Kit Fitting Instructions (.PDF)

Yes you can as the monitor is supplying the power to the camera and not the reverse light feed. You can power the camera on whenever you feel like it and leave it on whilst driving.
Yes, if you attach a reverse light feed to the trigger wire on the monitor (green wire) then it will automatically switch the monitor on and display the reversing camera. If you have two cameras attached and have the monitor on already viewing the alternative camera then it will switch across and once you have deselected reverse it will then switch back to the camera you were watching.
Yes, we have supplied these adaptors for numerous Bailey motorhomes owners including our own, there are a few more motorhome manufacturers that use the new style Waeco cable, please view the picture in the listing to see if yours is the same.
We have been specialising in reversing cameras for more than a decade, it's not a sideline for us, we don't need to stick on a big margin to justify keeping stock of the products. We simply sell thousands of kits and items per year and through all that time and experience we have built up a reliable selection of products with a very low fault rate (which means less margin needed to account for that). We realise that the internet is a very competitive market place, so we have found putting our prices to the lowest we can afford to, we sell more, which then generates enough overall profit to sustain the business. Our prices on the site are pretty much on par with trade prices so we get a lot of bulk purchase customers.
This used to puzzle us in the old days until we found the reason. It was a puzzle how auction site sellers were able to sell a system, pay the seller fees/postage to a customer and pay for staff/make a profit for less than we could bulk buy 1000's units of a similar system direct from the factory. We found out that everytime a factory has a bad run on quality control checks they sell the parts to be recycled and broken down for components. Unscrupulous sellers bring them to this country and send them out to people on the auction sites at crazy low prices, some will never be fitted (profit), some will be fitted months later and the customer won't be able to ask for their money back (profit), some will be fitted quickly and the customer complains (send another in the hope it works for a few months - smaller profit). I've had regular customers that went away temporarily to buy from the auction sites until they have a 70% plus failure rate and being fitters having to drive back and forth replacing wiring/monitors is cutting in to profits. It's the old saying "if it looks too good to be true then it usually is", we price our kits up to be very competitive and we make sure the spec is the highest we can. I have lost count of the amount of phone calls I get that start "I bought a system off (well known auction site)...", they are never happy when they realise that they will be installing a camera system for a second time and the first installation was a complete waste of their time.

Monitor Video

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