What makes us different from other sellers

What makes us different from other sellers

Why should you buy from us?

We have specialised only in reversing cameras since 2007 and we had experience selling them as a sideline to our other sales before this as well.  We have seen many changes and always kept up with the very latest.

We care about reliability, it's taken many years to find reliable suppliers who can make things to our spec with our rigorous quality control standards.  We offer a 2 year guarantee on all our premium systems as they have so much protection onboard that we rarely need to replace anything.  You can relax in the knowledge you have UK support on call if anything goes wrong, but more likely it will be a case of once fitted you can forget about it until you next change vehicle.

We have a huge network of motorhome dealerships buying large quantities of kits from us as they don't want to fit something that will break a few weeks down the line.

We are unique with our selection of painted Stainless Steel Brackets.  The worst thing is having a nice shiny motorhome with a rusty, old looking camera on the back.  When we used to supply mild steel brackets we sometimes used to get rusted cameras after just a few weeks, now we never get anyone asking for another bracket (apart from people that have bought elsewhere).  Stainless Steel is great at resisting rust, but a pain to paint, we haven't found many people that can make the Stainless Steel Brackets let alone paint them.  We do have a reliable supplier, which we keep under wraps.  They are more expensive for us to buy in but our reputation brings us more returning trade than the extra cost to us.

Always staying ahead of the game in terms of technology.  Whether it is keeping up with the latest support boards for the cameras, the latest image sensors, the latest digital panels for the screens with triple the pixels of the old LCD panels, to new technologys such as Digital Wireless with a Wi-fi network setup using MP4 encoding for transmission and simultaneous playback, we always upgrade our equipment.  

Why are we more expensive than eBay and Amazon sellers?

Firstly, you may have heard of the phrase “if it seem too good to be true it usually is”, well it’s very true in this instance. We are forever answering calls on a daily basis from people who “bought a cheap kit off ebay”.  The usual story is that it’s broken within a few weeks or months.  Why?  Well they actually sell these kits or cameras/monitors cheaper than WE can, even if we went for the cheapest parts we can’t buy 100-200 of them for the same price as they are selling one for, with free delivery.  We have worked out why by talking to various suppliers.  Every time a supplier has a “bad run” and almost all the batch of stock has a fault for whatever reason, it is cheaper to start again with fully working components, they sell the faulty batch for RECYCLING.  Now, unscrupulous sellers buy these batches but don’t recycle the components, instead they sell the whole thing on ebay.  Now to give them their dues, when an ebay member moans about it failing (if they fit quickly enough to realise within the time frame ebay allows claims) then the seller does usually refund.  But now the customer is left having spent all that time and effort installing cables and nothing that will plug in to them, so now they are left buying a kit from a reputable UK seller like us and having to do the installation twice.  Not much fun.  One of the people that buy of us several years ago decided to try 10 mirror monitors from ebay at £40 a pop.  He had 9 out of 10 of them fail within 2 weeks, he had to go back out to each customer to put new wiring in, and being a mobile fitter he sometimes had to travel quite far to sort the problem out.  Needless to say he has always stuck with us since.

Why are we cheaper than the branded systems?

Well we prefer to sell in bulk and keep our margins low and just sell more.  We get lots of bulk business orders that way as well.  We are not always the cheapest, but we are fairly confident that we are the cheapest for the specs of the equipment, reliability and service including the longer guarantees.  We are the direct importers and design some of our own bits for our suppliers to make, there are no middle men.  We actually keep two of the branded systems that are usually £400 and £800 for people that visit to compare ours to.  With them standing side by side you realise that it’s just not paying three times the money for a worse spec just for a name.