Repairs - Outside of warranty

Repairs - Outside of warranty

We are very rare in that we offer a repair service for our monitors if they fail outside of warranty or if accidental damage occurs. 

The cost of repair is usually the following :-

  • Replace glass for mirror monitor £12
  • Replace mainboard in monitor £12
  • Replace cable between mainboard and wiring harness £12
  • Replace wiring harness £9.60 (not repair - just a new wiring harness issued)
  • Replace cracked or non functioning TFT panel £24
  • Replace button array £12

Plus £6 delivery to return monitor to you.

It's important to note that we can't repair other sellers monitors (due to different components and wiring). All of our monitors will have a silver sticker on the back (which never comes off) saying "do not remove" on the top then under this it will have the initials RC then several numbers.

Our success rate in repairs is roughly 50%, the more recent monitors probably higher as the boards have become much simpler to work with over time.  If we are unable to repair your monitor we will not charge anything, if you want us to return the monitor we would need to ask for postage costs, alternatively if you don't want it back we can add it to our WEEE waste where it will be recycled.  We may be able to offer an alternative refurbed monitor at a good price or a discount on a brand new stock monitor.

We regret we are unable to repair cameras as they are sealed units and change inside so rapidly we are unable to keep stock of the various boards, image sensors and components, fortunately cameras are the cheaper items to go wrong.  We always have replacement cameras that would work with the existing monitor and often have clearance models to keep costs down and can sell individual lenses if you have a twin lens system (meaning you don't need to buy a whole new twin camera with both parts).

Please either phone or use the contact us page to enquire about the service.