Clearance Monitors

Clearance Monitors


Clearance - MON293F - Flip Up 7" Mirror Monitor - No auto trigger on reverse - Only manual controls or run full time

We were always asked for a mirror monitor that had a matt finish screen. We ordered 100 of these monitors but sadly they miss a trigger wire to auto switch when reverse is selected. This would bother about half our customers who wish to have the auto switch. As such we are unable to sell it in our range and we have reduced these to a bargain price to clear.


£48.00 HALF PRICE!

Clearance - MON8 - 5" Dash Monitor - Slight mild flicker for a few seconds when cold starting then becomes perfect

During 2016 there was an industry wide LCD TFT panel shortage and one of the batch of our model MON8 at the time had 50% of the screens affected by a small background flicker when the monitor was in a cold state.  It's very mild and doesn't affect the image, it is just like a slight flicker to the backlight that progressively gets milder then disappears once warmed up within a few seconds. These were picked up in our quality control in the UK and we now have these here for clearance.  We don't have these as a present model anymore, as we felt let down by that particular supplier so no longer use them.  But the monitors were always a good product. 


£46.00 HALF PRICE!