Assorted Brackets & Mounts

Assorted Brackets & Mounts


ACC041 - Quick Release Bracket for our 5 and 7" stand on dash monitors

This fits any of our monitors with the slide channel mounting on the back. Which is currently all our 5 and 7" monitors. It has a part that stays on the slider mechanism and clicks into place on the bracket, which remains on the dashboard. There is a thumb release switch on the back of the bracket that allows the user to unclick the monitor quickly from the bracket base.


ACC705B - Alternative Bracket for our 5 and 7" stand on dash monitors

This bracket is similar to our quick release bracket and is still quite easy to remove the monitor if needed by unscrewing the adjustment wheel behind the friction pad.  The metal groove slides in to the rear channels on most of our dash monitors, once at the desired position you will tighten the rear screw to lock the bracket and monitor in position.  The bracket can be spun left and right and monitor back and forth using the side thumb screw to tighten and loosen to allow adjustment.  The base is designed to be bent to shape for curvy dashboards and has a self adhesive pad on the base.  Screw holes are present if you wish to screw it down to a surface and the feet can be cut if placing in a compact space.


ACC38 - Suction Mount for PM50/PM60/PM70 series kits

This fits any of our monitors with the slide mounting on the back.


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ACC20539 Magnetic Reversing Camera Mount

These magnetic mounts have a variety of spaced out holes with bolts and we find they fit most bracket based reversing cameras. These are ideal for temporary mounting a camera and we mainly sell these to farmers who may wish to use various bits of equipment with the same camera system at different times of the year. The magnet is very strong and we find these don't come away, even at motorway speeds when mounted on the roofline.


ACC345 - Stainless Steel Extension Plate For Our Roof Mount Camera

On some vans, where the doors are particularly thick it may obscure the vision of our roof mount camera (the plastic camera we sell for the roof which has a ball camera at the end). These stainless steel plates were made so you could extend the camera out further as well as slightly higher to give a better viewing angle.