(KIT BG109) 7" Clip-On Mirror Monitor + 1/4" Sony CCD Bumper Reversing Camera

(KIT BG109) 7" Clip-On Mirror Monitor + 1/4" Sony CCD Bumper Reversing Camera

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This kit comes with a monitor that clips over your interior mirror.  These are extremely popular as they are a natural place to look when looking behind. The kit comes a flush mount bumper camera. This camera comes with a 5 meter video cable which is suitable for most car owners, video extensions can be bought in my shop if longer length required. The power lead is long enough for you to get the power from the reversing light but again a plug and play power extension cable can be bought from our shop if you would like the camera on all the time, so you can maybe take the power from the back of your radio or the back of a cigarette lighter etc. This camera comes with a hole saw to drill the correct size hole for the camera in your bumper. We have had people use these to mount the camera inside van doors etc. There is also O Rings which can adjust the angle of the camera slightly incase you need to mount on a bumper/surface that is angled. This has a wide angle lens so you can see what is going on around you even close up.


mon1 dimensions

Approx. 1.5M long cable to video connections and power input.



This image shows the monitors reflection when the LCD is not on, this is more than adequate to see out of the rear window, the rear window on this picture is a plastic convertible one which is dull and needs replacing.


The image below shows the camera operating at night time next to a vehicle.  The colours are richer with the 1/4" Sony sensor in this camera than the 1/3" Sharp.

contents of the box

The image below shows the camera looking down the street at night

camera installed in bumper

The image below shows a following cars effects on the camera.

screenshot at night

Technical Specifications Monitor

Screen: 7" TFT LCD Grade A Panel- Touchscreen on right hand side of picture
Picture mode: 16:9
Definition: 480 (W) x 234(H)
Contrast: 350:1
Brightness: 400cd/sqm
Color system: PAL, NTCS
Power supply: DC+12V?0%
Nominal voltage: 9-15V,red line; positive; black line; negative
Power consumption: 7W MAX
Light sources: CCFL
Lamp life time: over 10,000 hours
OSD menu language: Chinese, English
Working environment: -20c~+65c
Way of control: Keystroke button / Remote controller
Blue screen: Blue screen when no signal
Color: black
Function: Purpose: Monitor and vehicle entertainment
Others: backsight camera input, special glass can be used as a mirror when no picture.

Technical Specs Camera

Day and night vision

Power supply: 12V (10% tolerance)

Power: under 1 watt

Effective pixels: 728 x 512

TV system; PAL

Resolution: 520 lines

Lens angle: 120 degrees

IP rating:  Ip68

Auto white balance and gain control

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